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Meet Your Primary Guide

You have countless guides, guardians, and spirits on the other side supporting you.

These guides come and go from your life, step in for specific experiences, and play different roles.

Among those numerous guides - you have one to three primary guides with you for it all.

Your primary guide is your clearest communicator and your strongest support as you navigate your awakening process.

When you make intentional, clear contact with your primary guide you will:

  • understand how they send you messages
  • understand how you receive energetic messages
  • recognize the unyielding, ceaseless support and guidance available to you at all times

Having clear connection with your primary guide is one of the most powerful and important tools ony our awakening journay.

You'll get instant access to:

  • a guided meditation to lead you into safe, clear connection with your primary guide
  • access to 2 coaching call replays where we dig in to connecting with your guides
  • a private Telegram group where you can share about your experience, connect with other like minded women, and receive feedback from me

You'll get instant, lifetime access. No refunds, all sales are final.

What Others Have Experienced:

When I asked my guide to step through I saw an energy of white light step into my field. For a few moments I couldn’t see anything. I melted deeper, got softer. I asked them who they are. When I asked who they were, I felt myself ask in a way that I’ve never experienced before- it was impossible for me to just ask in my normal “mind voice” - I asked from the space in the back of my head and it came out at a very slow pace, in an almost dense, intense manner. The guide told me they’ve always been here and always will be.


I sensed her as a healer in her community. That’s how she lived. She took care of her people, and they in turn gave her what she needed to live. That has been happening for me as well. I think it’s time for me to trust that…. To do my work from the heart. To go gently. And to trust.


old wise woman, walking staff, light, communicates through vision, light, all shades, the wind, water, emotion, clarity, my connection to nature, she is strong, regal, elegant, beautiful even veiled, silence precedes her, aura of confidence, no nonsense. This is what I can tap into