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Priestess Past Life Regression

Access one of your most powerful past lives as a priestess/healer/wise woman and draw the power from that life back to you.

How it works:

  • guided meditation/energetic activation leads you safely & clearly to a powerful past life and collects the wisdom & power you left behind
  • a private Telegram chat with me for direct guidance, support, and integration 

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What Others Have Experienced:

Central Europe, Turkey area mountains, early nomadic herding tribe pre Roman era. I was a healer, teacher, grandfather in a large clan. Male with a long grey beard and dark skin kissed by the sun. I loved the clan, especially the children as they came and played near me. I was always helping someone. I had herbs and bone runes. I helped the people to walk the path of goodness, entwined with our natural world and reverent of our place in the circle of life. I performed rites of birth, adulthood, marriage and death, also blessing our encampment and blessing our natural world provisions. My primary purpose was to guide people to live our best possible life in communion with our natural world and our creator. **She remembered part of her power and experienced a deep sense of forgiveness**


I saw myself as a viking, a medicine woman, an oracle in Greece, and a midwife/ healer in Ireland. I was always around fire, water, and forests. I have seen many lives, and I was always a healer, empath, and seer. I was crying. In every past life, I cared deeply for my people. I took in, too much. I have always had the same gifts in every life. I have finally met my guide. **She finally met her primary guide and uncovered the power of her gifts**


As I stepped through the portal, I saw flashes of the lower portion of my body. I saw my feet as if I was skipping or slightly running I would stop every so often to look at them. I saw my legs they were light brown. I saw the flat corner of a fabric, but it was more leather that was a part of my clothing. I saw the tips of what look like braided ropes of hair, swinging low around my waist, as a became more focused, more aware of the body that I had stepped into. I saw my clothing more clearly. I felt the stones in the dirt beneath my feet. I heard voices, chattering, of women that were near me, going about their daily chores outside of their homes. I saw a woman who I believe to be my mother, who was chastising me to stop playing and to go to where I was supposed to be. I saw another woman’s slightly older than her, and say something to her in their native tongue. **She witnessed the source experience of one of her most powerful abilities in this lifetime and gained a deeper understanding of her gifts**


What came through for me in the meditation is walking through the woods. I was going to a secret meeting spot, carrying a lantern and I was looking for the landmarks to find my way (tree that looked like a Y go left, at the large rock go right, follow the path around to the clearing). I was wearing a long, white dress/gown at first and I was barefoot. The ground didn't hurt my feet as it would in this life....After the meditation, I had a surge of energy in my hands. I could feel the energy all around me, and I was able to move it around like when doing a Reiki hand exercise. **She found the source of a deeply ingrained sense of fear, mistrust, and secrecy and was able to bring a new sense of freedom into her life now**


I was standing in the center of this fire circle. The fire was not very high. I was starting to attract~communicate a gathering. I stood with, what looked like, a magical pole, in my right hand as high as I was tall. At the top of this magical pole, was a star. This star was not attached to the pole. It was pulsating a bright light. A light from the Universe. As I looked out past the fire, I could see movement in the distance. I was looking at a forest. Coming out of the forest and walking towards me was a lion. It walked very slow, with intention, respect, strength and abundant energy. Then I saw a dragon approaching from the distance. Then a few more animals. A rabbit, deer or ram and others I couldn't make out. They were all walking towards me as if I called them. They stopped at the fire and all of them were looking at me. Looking at me for some sort of communication as to why I called them together. I had a feeling~sensation it was for a very important event. **She remembered the balance of masculine and feminine and opened up to more of her leadership and power in this life time**