$22.00 USD

Seer Activation

Unlock your clairvoyance, activate the Sight, and step into your power as Seer

You'll get instant access to:

  • guided meditation to unlock and activate your third eye like it's never been activated before
  •  guidance, support, and feedback inside a private Telegram group

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What Others Have Experienced:

Directly in front of me was shape forming. The image formed and it was my dog that passed last August. I am so happy I finally saw images! THIS stuff is real!!!! I know, I just need validation because I usually don't see images. I believe I am growing and awakening


As I went deeper into the meditation, and I walked through the portal, I saw myself in a torchlight hallway. As I walked down the hall, I saw hieroglyphics on the walls. I immediately knew I was in ancient Egypt. I felt energy pulse through me. It shot through me from my center down to my feet and then up through my head. The top portion of my head was filling with pressure, and then I saw my third eye open. My eye was wide open and looking around. And energetically I could feel everything around me. it felt like my being as a whole was finally awakening. Even now I still feel the thrumming of the energy in my body.


I had quite an experience last night. During the meditation, I was at Stonehenge. I literally felt my third eye open and I could see flashes of different scenes like a slide show. I started looking around to figure out what I was seeing. Then, I thought about wanting to see people's auras and I started to see images/outlines of people with a glow around them. I thought about the meditation and Stonehenge and suddenly, I was looking down on the earth from way above. I chose different locations to take a peak at. I could go forward or backwards in time as well as anywhere on Earth