Intuitive & Empathic Women will heal the Earth and change the world

but first, you have to wake up to your power

you're more than just intuitive or empathic


you're sensitive to energy and you're being called to the path of the Priestess


Shaman, Medicine Woman, Healer, Lightworker, Witch

whatever name you you choose - it comes back to the same principle:

you're here to use you unique energetic gifts, your awareness of the energetic realm, and your innate ability to influence energy  to make massive change in the world

the problem is you never received your initiation into your purpose, your power, and your potential

when the call to this path - your intuition, your vivid dreams and visions, your empathic senses revealed themselves - you should have been taken in by the wise women in your community and taught about the important role you're meant to play in this life time

you should have been taught how to trust, recognize, and develop your energetic abilities

you should have been taught to wield your power, to create balance in the world around you, and to lead your community

instead of your initiation you received confusion, fear, overwhelm and a sense of helplessness

this is because there's been a 5,000 year long patriarchal campaign to destroy the initiation rights, make us forget our connection with the Goddess and make us fear our own spiritual power

it's worked incredible well and we've been forced to hide, repress, and ignore our abilities

to brush of our experiences as either just coincidences or our descent into insanity

but the patriarchal power didn't realize how deep the memory of our power goes

now the universe is shaking you awake

forcing you to remember who the f*ck you are

because we're at a critical turning point in our existence on Earth

and we need all the Priestesses to wake up

and tilt the trajectory of human life away from destruction, greed, and suffering

and back toward peace, balance, harmony and light

but first, you have to learn to trust, recognize, understand, develop, and wield your unique power with integrity

i'm here to give you the roadmap to your awakening

and to initiate you into your power as Priestess

Are you being called to the path of the Priestess?

Are the signs, symbols, synchronicities you've been experiencing a soul-level calling to step into the role of Priestess? What even is a Priestess? How do you become one? Download my free e-booklet to find out if you're being called to this path.

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I'm Elizabeth,

also known as She Who Walks With Women; one of two names I received during my initiation as Priestess in 2016.

before my initiation, I was a lot like you are now.  as a child I was sensitive to energy, intuitive, deeply empathic, psychic. I had premonitions, vivid dreams, spirit encounters, I knew what others were feeling - but nobody taught me what it meant or how to live with it.

 so I learned to repress my energetic abilities in order to fit in. I pushed them away, I intentionally ignored them, I told myself I was crazy and not to let anyone know.

shortly after puberty my gifts became undeniable. visions from childhood came back but with more information - and then they came true. the signs and symbols were at every corner. I lost 13 family members in 6 months - and knew, felt, and saw every departure before I'd been told they passed. I started getting visitations again. 

it got to a point where there were so many coincidences, spiritual experiences, and confirmations that they overcame my fear, doubt, and repression.

I started to accept that there was more my experiences than just insanity or coincidence.

I spent the next 12+ years learning every lesson the hard way.

I examined my experiences, I explored my abilities and, after a while, teachers started finding me.

I spent time working with a shaman, medicine man, psychic medium, even world renowned yoga and breath work teachers.

I was gifted with incredible, once in a life time experiences but it didn't all click into place until I was called to receive my initiation as Priestess, nearly 15 years after my energetic re-awakening.

I journeyed deep into the Andes Mountains where I met the Goddess Herself and stepped into my role as Priestess

It's now my soul's mission to wake up the intuitive, empathic women of the Earth, to help them recognize the call to the path of the Priestess, and to help them develop their unique power, purpose, and potential

because we are the ones who will heal the Earth and change the trajectory of humankind


Receive your Initiation as Priestess

Answer the soul-level calling of the Great Goddess and step into your power, your purpose, and your potential as a fully initiated Priestess of the Ancient Feminine.