The Great Goddess is activating her Priestesses

Will you answer the call? 


You've always felt different

As a child you heard things, saw things, and knew things that others didn't understand

You were labeled wiser than your years, an old soul

You had vivid sometimes prophetic dreams

You felt a deep connection to nature, like you were truly yourself out among the trees, by the river, under the open sky

It felt like you could feel, understand, even communicate with animals and the birds would sing directly to you

Over time you learned to repress this side of yourself to fit in with the 'normal' people

You learned to fear your gifts

But now?

It's all coming back

Stronger than ever

Your energetic senses are becoming impossible to ignore

You're starting to listen to them, experiment with them, maybe even trust them

The signs, symbols, synchronicities are showing up everywhere

You're seeing repeating numbers

The weather is speaking directly to you

The Moon is stirring up some long forgotten knowledge

It doesn't all make sense yet but you know there's something bubbling beneath the surface

It feels like something big is just over the horizon for you

You can sense some hidden power stirring deep in the cave of your heart

But you don't know what to do with it all

You don't know what it means, how to access it, or why you of all people have to go through this

All the while, the signs keep getting louder

The symbols more in your face

 The message more urgent

The universe is shouting it's time, it's time, it's time

Time for what, exactly??

Here's the answer:

It's time for you to step into your role as Priestess, Shaman, Wise Woman

Yes, you.

I know it's hard to believe you're worthy, that it's real, and that your gifts are needed

But these are the signs across all cultures that you're being called to this path in this lifetime

You're sensitive to energy

You have one foot in the physical and one foot in the ethereal

You can see beyond the veil

And although nobody told you this, you have the power to influence the energetic realm

And to use that ability to make ripples of change in the physical world

To assist in the healing of the Earth

And to shift the trajectory of human life at this critical turning point away from the path of destruction 

Back towards balance, harmony, and light

The problem is, no one showed you how

In fact, the patriarchal system destroyed the initiation rites and the roadmap to your power

When your sensitivity, your gifts and the calling to this path first revealed itself...

You should have been taken in by the Wise Women in your community and taught what it means to walk this path, how to navigate it and develop your abilities, and why it's such an important role for you, for your community, and for the balance of the entire web of life

Instead, the 5,000 year long patriarchal campaign left you with fear, repression, confusion, overwhelm and no idea what to do with these seemingly random gifts

That's why I created the Ancient Feminine Initiation

Your roadmap to removing the binding placed on your power, uncovering your unique abilities, and stepping into your role as Priestess

The Goddess is activating her Priestesses to rise up at this critical turning point in life on Earth

It's time to receive the tools, skills, and abilities to step into your full power as Priestess and become a force of Light in the world

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

Also known as She Who Walks With Women

I'm here to initiate you into your power as Priestess so that together we can develop your unique gifts and abilities, heal the Earth, and shift the trajectory of human life at this critical turning point in our existence.

My energetic (re)awakening was brutal

It happened in 2004 when I was 15 years old

After years of repressing the abilities I had in childhood (prophetic dreams, visits from guides, animal communication to name a few)

My gifts came back in full force

I thought I was going crazy

I was embarrassed

I felt alone

And I was terrified someone would find out.

I kept resisting and running from what I now know was the calling to the path of the Priestess, Shaman, and Wise Woman

Here's the thing:

When you resist this calling, you'll get hit harder and harder until you finally wake up

Ask me how I know 😂

13 friends and family members died within 6 months

And I KNEW about every. single. one.

I either witnessed their soul leaving their body in a beautiful display of color

Or they visited as soon as they passed, before I had officially heard

Or I had visions before it happened, which made me so angry because it was never enough information and I had no control over the outcome anyway

I saw signs, symbols, synchronicities everywhere (before I had terminology for it)

None of it made sense

It made me so frustrated

But it was enough for me to finally accept that it was not all a big coincidence

I knew there was something true to it

I very hesitantly began to trust and explore it

And thus began my 12+ year long journey of trying to figure it out

Don't get me wrong: yes, I learned every lesson the hard way and there were very painful moments

But it wasn't all bad

I was also gifted with incredible, once in a lifetime teachers and experiences

The first teacher who found me was a Medicine Man

Then a Shaman elder

A psychic medium

World renowned yoga, meditation, and breathwork teachers

Even world class body builders (yes, I lifted weights as a teen) and royal family kung fu teachers who deepened my understanding of alignment and body, mind, energy connection

I learned life-changing skills for turning inward, understanding my experiences, and navigating the energetic realm

Every experience, both good and bad, seemed catered to my growth

But something was still missing.

I remember the moment I received my invitation to be initiated as Priestess of the Goddess

As I read each word, my heart started to race

My body started to tremble

I was terrified.

A bone deep sense of fear.

But I had been doing this work long enough to know that fear is often masking excitement.

So I followed that thread and accepted the invitation to travel to the Andes Mountains

That's where I met the Goddess

Not in words or wisdom or teachings

I met her alone on the Mountain

I met her energetically

And everything I had been through, learned, and wondered about suddenly made sense

She was the missing component

This long forgotten power of the Ancient Feminine

Buried deep in my cellular memory

Waiting for the moment it would awaken 

I finally understood and accepted that I was being called to the path of the Priestess in this lifetime

For the last 8 years I've worked closely with the source of the Ancient Feminine, the Goddess

I've gone deep into the energetic remembrance of who She is

I've studied & developed my energetic abilities

And I'm here now to impart the fruits of this 20 year long journey to you

I'm here to give you the roadmap to your power and purpose as Priestess

I'm here to recreate the true Initiation Rites

And now, it's your turn to receive them

You're invited to receive

The Ancient Feminine Initiation

 uncover your unique energetic abilities, step into your role as Priestess, and become a force of light & healing for the world around you


Have you been seeing repeating numbers? Spirals? Does it feel like the Wind is speaking to you?

That's me.

And that's the power of the Priestess.

To no longer be a passive recipient of sporadic energetic messages

To be able to safely, clearly, and confidently influence the physical world through energy

You've been seeing an increase in these signs and symbols and synchronicities recently because

The Goddess is activating her Priestesses

 And you're being magnetized to me because

She knows you're ready to receive your initiation into your power and your role as Priestess

Because your unique energetic abilities, your experiences, perspectives, and desires are exactly what's needed in the world right now.

You can sense that we're at a turning point in our existence as humans here on Earth

We're seeing the results of 5,000 years of this patriarchal system

And now is the time for us to shift our trajectory 

Back towards balance, harmony, and light

Back towards honoring the Earth and all living beings

Back towards recognizing and acknowledging the spiritual nature of all things

Back towards living in alignment with these values

You're meant to be a leader in this transition

I'm here to guide you into your role in this

To give you the tools, skills, and perspective shifts to that you can step into your. unique. power.

Are you being called to the path of the Priestess?

The surface level definition of Priestess is a woman who holds sacred rites, rituals, and ceremonies and is the spiritual leader of her community.

But what gives her that power?

It's your sensitivity to energetic messages, your ability to navigate the energetic realm, and your power to influence the physical world through energy.

There are certain signs across all cultures that you're being called to the path of the Priestess, Shaman, or Lightworker.

These vary slightly but the underlying signs are:

  • being sensitive to energy & the spirit realm. vivid/prophetic dreams, downloads, psychic senses, connection to nature and animals, intuition, empathic senses, among many other examples. often times these are stronger in childhood, repressed, and are now coming back in full force.
  • curiosity about your experience. it's not just passing intuition for you. you can feel that there's something more and you're hungry to understand it. although it's confusing, overwhelming, and daunting at times it's also endlessly interesting, exciting, and purposeful.
  • desire to live in tune with the Earth, help heal others, and be a force for good. you feel strongly that there's so much potential for good in the world. you can almost remember the Earth in her unspoiled state. you intuitively know that we need to start making shifts back into alignment with nature. and it feels like you have something big to contribute to that cause (yes, it's hidden there under the self-doubt)
  • you've seen some sh*t. whether in this life or a past life you've been through some stuff. you've probably survived things that others wouldn't have made it through. you've been to the underworld once or twice and came back stronger, wiser, and more passionate. your experiences don't weigh you down - they catapult you into growth. now you're as comfortable in the dark as you are in the light.

Is the Ancient Feminine Initiation right for you?

This initiation is not like any other you've seen

The Ancient Feminine Initiation will not teach a certain lineage, culture, or tradition

It will illuminate your own path, truth, and purpose

This initiation will not teach you ceremonies, rituals, spells, or incantations

It will give you the energetic skills, power, and abilities to perform any ritual in any lineage

This initiation will not teach you the different names, faces, or signs of the Goddess

It will give you a direct energetic connection and relationship with Her, the source of the Ancient Feminine power

This initiation will not provide you with indoctrination, rules, or tenets

You will learn to walk your own path with integrity, clarity and confidence

The Ancient Feminine Initiation is...

8 weeks of direct guidance and support from me in a small group setting.

You'll receive every skill you need to understand and develop your energetic abilities, navigate the energetic realm clearly and safely, and use your power to make massive, aligned impact in the world around you.

How it works:

We're building the energetic foundation that will carry you through every phase of your growth into the powerful Priestess you came into this lifetime to be

This is done through:

1. Weekly deep dive calls that explore the specific skills, tools, and abilities you need to navigate the energetic realm, develop your gifts, and step into the role of Priestess

2. Weekly group q&a sessions where you bring everything that's coming up and we get to the root of it together with personalized guidance, clarification, and support

3. Private community of your fellow Priestess initiates where you finally feel seen, heard, and held for exactly who you are

4. Guided meditations & energetic activations to give you embodied experience in the skills needed to thrive as a Priestess. This is where we learn to make the shifts happening in the energetic realm real, tangible, and lasting.


What we'll cover:

Week 1: You'll meet the Goddess. Not in words or stories - you'll make a direct energetic connection with her that you can access at any time throughout your life. You'll experience the expansiveness and power or her presence and how it shows up in your life.

Week 2: Energetic Protection. You are always energetically protected when working with me and you're going to learn exactly how to do this for yourself so you can safely navigate the energetic realm.

Week 3: Releasing Binding. You have thousands of years of conditioning binding and limitations placed on your power. You're going to release this control held over your energetic strength so that you can step into your full potential.

Week 4: Receiving with Clarity. You'll understand exactly where, how and in what state you need to be in when receiving energetic information. You'll begin to receive with more clarity by the end of this week.

Week 5: Understanding your power. Your abilities are unique to you and by the end of week 5 you'll know what your strengths, powers, and gifts are and how to develop them.

Week 6: Calling back your power. Now that you are safe, clear, and unbound by the patriarchal conditioning - it's time to call back the full magnitude of your power. I'm talking about influence the weather, communicate telepathically, let your energy change the physical world kind of power.

Week 7: Wielding your power with integrity. Now that you're fully in your power, know how to navigate the energetic realm and are protected and prepared - it's time to learn how to wield your power in a way that's aligned with your values.

Week 8: Receive your Anointment. We'll culminate by making the sacred vows to yourself, your truth, and your purpose as we work together to discover your path and step into your role as Priestess.

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